Choose AIS 140 devices for safe and efficient fleet management

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AIS 140 is an intelligent transport system. This intelligent transport system is a much-needed requirement for vehicles. The vehicles on the road are increasing day by day. Therefore there is a need for a governing set of rules containing emergency and safety standards. These guidelines are to be applied in all types of public transport systems.

What type of people need Sensel’s AIS 140 compliant GPS vehicle tracking devices?
● Private Bus Operators
● Car & Bus Taxi fleet owners
● Rental taxis service providers
● Taxi-hailing service providers
● State Transport
● Schools, Colleges and institutional buses
● Self-driven car rental operators

An AIS 140 certification makes the government or private fleet smarter. This device helps by obtaining the information through multiple satellite systems. The system enables secure data transfer to the data centres. To ensure maximum safety, the AIS140 devices allow the access of minimum two IP addresses. One of these addresses will be monitored by the government and another one will be used for emergency purposes.

● Safety and security
● Emergency Alert
● Reversing assistance
● Outside vehicles at bus stops/depots.
● SOS emergency call
● Multiple alarms
● 50000 pieces of data storage

We, Sensel Telematics are the prime dealers of AIS 140 compliant GPS vehicle tracking devices. These devices are highly durable and require low maintenance.

Tracking has never been so good!

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GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is undoubtedly one of the most important and critical technologies needed nowadays. The applications of an ideal GPS tracking software range from simple personal activities like driving to complex business activities like asset management. Features like Live Tracking, Notifications, Travel History, Analytics & Insights, vehicle compatibility and so on makes a GPS Tracking Software the most required product for people aiming for security and convenience.

One of the most common and significant uses for GPS is the Vehicle Tracking System. Public transports, fleet vehicles, cabs, school buses and even private vehicles can easily be tracked and their real-time location can be obtained. This makes public transportation safe and secure. GPS tracking software can even send an alert for any emergencies. Authorities will receive an alert along with the real-time location of the vehicle.

Sensel’s GPS systems help you monitor your assets at all times. The asset trackers aid you in keeping track of your entire inventory. There are plenty of options for big and small assets for you to tag them and keep a track.

Sensel Telematics are the major manufacturers of Real-time vehicle GPS tracking systems. Our products are noted for their quality, low maintenance and high benefits.

Increase efficiency and productivity with GPS tracking devices for trucks

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GPS devices are much needed for trucks and pickup deliveries. People feel a constant urge to contact drivers about changes in pickups, deliveries and service calls, and to know where their shipment is. The frequent calls asking “Where are you now?” is highly distracting to the driver and could also result in unforeseen delays or mishaps even! Imagine how much time and resources are squandered in managing a fleet!

The solution is simple yet effective and involves tracking all fleet vehicles in real time. One can monitor the travelled route of each vehicle for the day and let the worries of delivery vanish. If a customer calls and has an urgent pickup or service call requirement, with the help of GPS tracking devices you can visually see the closest vehicle and direct that vehicle for the delivery. Even if the field driver is delayed, another close by driver can be directed to make the delivery. This greatly improves productivity, profitability and reduces intermittent calls to drivers.

The device is also able to monitor vehicular statistics and alert for maintenance if required. Driver behaviour is also recorded with respect to harsh acceleration, braking and cornering for necessary action by the management. The device is theft and tamper proof, making it a reliable source of information for the fleet management. We are the prime manufacturers of GPS tracking devices for trucks in India. We, Sensel Telematics are known for our premium quality and long lasting products.

Easy tracking solutions for efficient School Bus route management

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In the present situation, safe transportation of school children is the main concern of parents. Although parents place their trust completely in the school authorities, they still have concerns regarding the safety of their children once they board the bus.

This complex situation of managing different groups of personnel and students at different localities and different modes has posed a constant challenge to school managements. To overcome such situations, schools have rolled up their sleeves to play an active role in tracking school bus routes. This challenge is tackled with ease thanks to School Bus Tracking devices from Sensel Telematics. With the tracking system in place, parents can now monitor the vehicle movement and real time location. This leads to better safety of children and great peace of mind for parents.

Equipping school buses with a GPS Tracking System enables tracking of school buses on a real-time basis. This will let the parents know instantly the time when buses reach the specified destination. This also reduces the waiting time for buses.

In case of any emergency or vehicular breakdown, the GPS Tracking System alerts both parents as well as school management thereby helping them make active decisions. GPS tracking monitors the movement of the speed of the vehicle and undesignated stoppages too.

We, Sensel Telematics, are the leading manufacturers of GPS tracking devices for school buses. Our devices are durable and require very low maintenance.

Protecting your assets is now simple!

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A telematics device is a compact gadget which records information about your driving behavior,
for instance, how fast you drive, how fast you brake, the distance you travel and the location
you travel to. Telematics systems perform different functions by acquiring vehicle location and
activity data, and turning this into a business insight. In simple words, the device works by
capturing vehicle location data via a GPS enabled device installed in a vehicle. Installing a
telematics device in your car, bike or in large vehicles that carry physical assets is paramount for
the safety and security of your goods.
Sensel Telematics Pvt Ltd are Telematics device solution providers in India. We provide
services to all kinds of logistics operations in various industries. Our hardware is manufactured
in world-class ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 facilities. Our in-time delivery, high quality
and reliability of the products have made us top the list of the best telematics device providers
in the country. The products we deal with are of superior quality and work without any faults.

Stop theft of your cars and bikes even before it happens

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Technology is developing continuously. We live in a world where every person who earns a
decent income owns a car or a bike. The cars manufactured today, come with the latest
technology. You can have complete control of your vehicle both digitally and remotely. The cars
and bikes generally come installed with a GPS tracker. But, we, Sensel telematics, recommend
you to install an anti-theft GPS tracker for your vehicles even if they are used only for personal
purposes. Installing this tracker will set you up against vehicular theft. Whenever the vehicle
deviates from its normal route or moves during an untimely hour, you will receive an alert via
SMS on your device. This will give you enough time to take decisive action and alert the
concerned authorities.

We are the leading manufacturers for Anti-theft GPS trackers for cars. We even specialize in
Anti-theft GPS trackers for bikes. It is highly important to safeguard your cars and bikes from
theft. Our budget-friendly GPS tracker allows you to track the location of the vehicle and
update you its location at all times and has a broad range that gives you real-time location
updates. Due to the superior quality and faultless mechanism of our products, we stand to be
the best in this industry. As one of the leading Smart tracking device manufacturers in India,
Sensel Telematics Pvt Ltd also provides telematics solutions to various kinds of logistics
operations for a variety of industries. Our hardware is manufactured in world-class ISO
9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 facilities. Being the recipient of Frost & Sullivan – all India Best
Practices Award, we are committed to high quality and timely delivery of products.

Automatic asset tracking using RFID based management systems – economical and time-saving.

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Manual tracking of assets is an expensive, complex, and time consuming task that is totally
avoidable with a simple yet efficient RFID based Asset tracking systems. This allows the
company to keep track and manage assets while paving the way for complete automation of
processes and reduction in costs. RFID based asset tracker will automatically locate the asset
and store the data for the company or the customer to view and access later for inspection,
maintenance and audits.

We, Sensel Telematics, are the leading manufacturers of RFID based asset tracking management systems. This RFID asset tracker is one of the quickest ways to improve asset
management. Installing an RFID asset tracker has a major benefit. It works by utilizing radio
frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically locate and track assets. An RFID
asset tracking management system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data. The data is
transmitted from an RFID tag to a reader. The radio frequency identified asset tracking systems
are hack-proof. The location of the asset stays secure at all times. The devices are
manufactured under stringent quality control measures ensuring the production of high quality and flawless devices. Our timely delivery, high quality and reliability of the products have
proven us to be the leading manufacturers in the country.

Always install ICAT certified AIS 140 Gps Trackers

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Monitoring your physical assets using a GPS tracker is very important these days. Installing a
GPS tracker will give you the real time location of your assets so that you, at all times, can keep
track of the current location of your stock. When installing a GPS, always choose GPS devices
that are AIS 140 certified.

The AIS 140 Gps Tracker is a standard created by ARAI (Automobile Research Association of
India) which specifies details about the GPS device. The AIS 140 GPS tracker is far better than a
normal tracker. A normal standard GPS device can send the location of the vehicle being
tracked to only one server whereas an AIS 140 GPS device sends the live location to three
servers simultaneously. We, Sensel telematics are the leading manufacturers of ICAT certified
AIS 140 devices in India. ASSET-SMART is a very compact and easy to install AIS 140 certified
GPS tracker. This device accurately tracks stationary and moving objects. We manufacture
faultless and superior quality GPS trackers in the country. At Sensel telematics, you can get a
comprehensive range of GPS devices that are suitable for different businesses and individuals.
Being the recipient of Frost & Sullivan – all India Best Practices Award, we are committed to
providing superior quality and on-time delivery of products all over the country.

GPS Devices- Integrate technology into everyday lives!

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We are living in the 21st century. This is the era where technology plays a major role in all aspects of modern lives. Every new update in technology is bringing us a lot of comfort and ease in performing our daily chores. When advanced technology is integrated with business operations, the results can be efficient and cost effective. This is what Sensel Telematics has to offer with our state of the art AIS 140 approved GPS Devices!

As an example, let us consider the logistics involved in fleet management. It is without doubt a hectic, time consuming task which requires round the clock supervision. What happens when you don’t equip your fleet with a GPS tracker? You may encounter difficulty in tracking the real-time location of your vehicles and face other issues like vehicle breakdown, maximized fuel costs, accidents, theft and effective route planning which could result in high operational costs and decreased productivity. Thus, keeping track of the entire fleet without a GPS device is a daunting task. We, at Sensel Telematics bring you the solution, AIS 140 certified GPS tracker.

What is an AIS 140 approved GPS device and how does it work?

The Automotive Industry Standard no. 140 (AIS 140) is a standard created by the Automobile Research Association of India which specifies details about the GPS device and panic button that needs to be used in vehicle tracking systems. A normal standard GPS device can only send the location of the vehicle to one server. But an AIS 140 GPS device sends the location to three servers simultaneously. (Company’s server, SOS server used by the police and the Government’s Command and Control centre)


  • Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Mobile station class B supporting GPRS Class 10, coding schemes 1 to 4 and PBCCH
  • Module approvals: fully type approved conforming R&TTE directive, CE, GCF
  • SMS (text/data)
  • 3 GPP Release 4
  • TCP/IP

GPS tracking solutions should be the first thing that you must have in your to-do list of security measures. Sensel telematics is one of the few companies that specialize in providing custom-designed AIS 140 GPS trackers at a very competitive price. For more info regarding the product, log on to

The next step in safeguarding school buses – School bus tracking solutions

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While utmost safety and security is maintained in schools today, it is important to extend the same safety when the children are en route to and from school. The simplest solution is to track the real time location of the bus during the active trips. This can be done with a state-of-the-art GPS device from Sensel Telematics, the forerunners in providing effective School bus tracking solutions in India.

The GPS tracking device for school buses relays data via an IOS and Android mobile application for school management and parents. This data includes the scheduled stops and the route taken. Any delay or deviation in the route can be addressed at once as the data is available in real time. There is an option to have an RFID reader interface integrated with the device which records the attendance of the students as they enter and exit the bus. The device has built in tools to ensure smooth and timely transportation.

Encountering traffic in cities is inevitable. With this device, parents and school management can be updated upon the location of the school bus at all times. The device also comes with additional features such as

  • Optimizing transport operations
  • Safety analytics
  • Automatic Emailing of Reports as per schedule
  • Route replay with multiple speeds and time indicator