Fleet – SMART
Comprehensive – Configurable – Customizable Platform



    • Panic Button Interface
    • Temperature Sensor Interface
    • Humidity Sensor Interface
    • Fuel Sensor Interface
    • Internal Antenna (GSM and GPS)
    • 2 LED Indicator
    • Waterproof
    • 3 Axis Accelerometer
    • Internal Battery
    • Horizontal Accuracy < 3M
  • Input Voltage Range 6 – 30V
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 128 MB internal Flash
  • Dimension L85*W50*H15mm
  • Weight 80gm
  • Temperature -45 deg C to + 80 deg C
  • OTA ( Over The Air Firmware Update)
  • On-Demand Location
  • A/C On/Off Alert
  • Real-Time(Live) Tracking
  • Device Disconnect Alert
  • 90 days history (Reports) on Web
  • Engine On/Off
  • Halt Reports
  • Recover Offline data
  • Over Speed Alert
  • Daily Distance Report
  • Monthly Distance Report
  • Geo-Fence, Place of Interest
  • Reference Route
  • Driver Behaviour Report
  • Battery Backup up to 5 hours
  • 10 Seconds update rate
  • Harsh Acceleration/Braking/Cornering
    detection and Alert

Battery Powered-Asset Trackers

Battery Powered Asset Trackers
Battery Powered-Asset Trackers FEATURES

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

    • 40 x 40 x 20 mm Compact design
    • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer
    • Wire-free device easy to install easy to use
  • Fully configurable update rates and modes of operation
  • Can be concealed anywhere in the asset without any restrictions

USB recharge Ultra lower power consuming electronics:

  • 10 days of update on a full charge at 5 min update rate
  • 30 days of update on a full charge at 30 min update rate



Fuel Monitoring

Helps in monitoring fuel filling quantity with location, time and date. Accuracy depends upon the condition of the fuel gauge and size of the fuel tank.



This accessory is used for remotely de-activating the vehicle. The user can select a vehicle and remotely disable the vehicle or re-enable the vehicle through the application, just by the click of a button.

Audio Interface: Hands free Voice Speaker

Feature that helps to monitor any unauthorised door opening which results in theft of goods.


Keypad Display Unit

This accessory is basically a small 16 key pad with a 2 line LCD. The user can type in information that can be logged on the backend server. For e.g., one of our customer Total Gaz is using it for recording the gas delivered to their customers.


Door Open/Close

Feature that helps to monitor any unauthorised door opening which results in theft of goods.


Panic Button

Safety feature. The control room is notified about unforeseen danger in the vehicle instantly as the member (driver/passenger) in the vehicles presses the panic button.


Temperature SensorKeypad Display Unit

This accessory is typically used in frozen goods carriage vehicles. The Sensor is mounted inside the frozen section of the vehicle and the cable from the sensor is connected to the Sensel VTX unit fitted in the driver’s cabin.


Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring is the key to a comprehensive VTS.

  • Real time visibility.
  • Monitoring speeds & fuel status.
  • Keeping check on vehicle health.
  • Notifications like alarms & alerts for violations.
  • Ensuring security and protection for drivers & vehicles

Vehicle Mapping

A VTS points the exact location of a vehicle on the map

  • Route tracking and analyzing
  • Geo fencing & geo zoning
  • Personalized maps for preferred routes
  • Reply journey
  • Reply journey

Reports & Dashboards

Industrial based report requirement

  • Distance Report(Day, Monthly, Trip, Summary)
  • Detailed Route Report
  • Halt Report
  • OverSpeed Report
  • Acceleration and Harsh Breaking Report
  • Vehicle Reporting Time

Driver and Vehicle Maintenance

Engage vehicle and drivers with prerequisite

  • Document management(License, Insurance etc.)
  • Driver allotment
  • Automated maintenance schedules
  • Driving rewards
  • Driver feedback integration

Alerts & Notifications

Automated alerts and notification for various conditions

  • Various alerts based on the industries
  • Alerts and notification like, Speed, Panic, Route Deviation etc.

Journey Risk Management (JRM)

Safe and secure journey

  • Over-speeding, Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, Night driving etc.
  • Various audio alert using device like weather, Speed, Ghat section etc.

Mobile Apps

Solution in hand

  • Transporter App
  • Driver App
  • Safe To Load (eSTL)
  • Customer communication model(CCM)

Analytics & Analysis

Analytics is to gain and safe more

  • Vehicle Utilization.
  • Violation analytics.
  • Driver and Vehicle performance analyze.
  • Accident analysis
  • Order on demand analytics