Journey Risk Management for The Cargo Industry

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JRM (Journey Risk Management) is essentially a process that scientifically identifies the risks that might be involved while taking a particular route and mitigating it to the best extent possible. It is a must-have especially when you are involved in the cargo industry that involves travelling extensively across the country. Having a robust JRM tool not only helps you in minimising the risks but also helps in optimising the productivity of your fleet by reviewing the data collected over a particular route over time. JRM keeps a tab of all available secondary routes, accident-prone areas, traffic conditions, and other services available along the route, etc. All this information allows the fleet to take the best course of action to ensure high productivity and safety for the crew. JRM is a GPS-based tool with an array of other devices that collects information from the vehicle as it goes through the motion. This information is collected at the data centre from where the user can monitor the vehicle throughout its entire journey and helps the crew in real-time as and when it is needed.

With its superior build and features, Sensel Telematics has made a niche for itself in the field of telematics and provides the much-needed support to build a solid JRM system for its clients. Our devices are also recognised by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, UL among others. In addition to the host of features we support, we also work closely with our clients to address specific requirements put forth by our clients to help deliver the most comprehensive and effective JRA system in the business. To know more about us, visit our website now.

Tracking/Telematics Support for Frozen Foods

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Telematics refers to a branch of IT that enables the transmission of data from various electronic/mechanical devices to a data centre that collects this information for real time tracking  and analysis for future reference. This technology is increasingly used in managing vehicles and with the increase in production of vehicles globally, it is expected to be applied on a bigger scale. Telematics is also being used in the food industry progressively to keep a track of perishable food items which are either stored in their freezers or transported across long distances. Various devices and sensors are used in the storage area to get live data on the temperature inside the container. A robust telematics system can keep you apprised about any downtime considering time is of the essence when it comes to such goods. Additionally, these containers also provide the provision for storing different food items which require different temperatures to keep the food fresh by the means of compartmentalising the space accordingly. These storage devices are also customized to the customers’ needs as and when required.

Sensel Telematics is a pioneer in the field of telematics providing a wide range of products for various requirements including telematics support for frozen foods. We deploy the best performing products that adhere to the highest standards of performance. Our deep understanding of the business and our customers’ needs allows us to combine excellence and experience to provide high ROI for our customers every time. To know more, visit our website now.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems In Bangalore

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Imagine having a fleet of trucks that moves through the length and breadth of the country all year round. It is quite natural for us to check where our fleet is exactly on any given day under such a scenario. This allows us to understand how soon the fleet will reach its destination or not in some cases. Being able to track the fleet in real-time enables the users to plan for any contingencies and so forth. Hence, having a real-time vehicle tracking system is a must in the current scheme of things since we follow a tight schedule and try to optimize the process which in turn helps the business to sustain itself. Real-time vehicle tracking systems rely on the accuracy and the device’s capability to transmit information continuously. While several companies provide real-time vehicle tracking systems in Bangalore, only a few are up to this task and can deliver optimal output as per a customer’s expectations. Sensel Telematics is one of the leading manufacturers of real-time vehicle tracking systems in Bangalore. We are one of the few companies which have end-2-end competencies in this domain.

The secret behind our products’ top-of-the-line technology is our R&D team which is run by a bunch of technology-obsessed individuals. They are responsible for the entire work end-to-end; the hardware design, software development, and production of the device. Some might say they are crazy even! It doesn’t end there, the products are made in our ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities. We have also received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan – All India Best Practices Award in 2016. Last but not the least; we put a lot of effort into ensuring we deliver the best service to our customers, big or small. Our sales and management teamwork proactively to ensure our technologically advanced services are delivered to our customers with a smile and earnestly.

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Telematics Device Manufacturers

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Trying to keep a track of your fleet’s stats to understand how they are performing against your targets? Getting a telemetry device is an answer to your problem. Telemetry is the automatic measurement of data from remote sources and transmission of the data to the user. There are various sensors placed at the source (your fleet in this case) which either measure electrical data or physical data. With the help of this technology, you can easily access the relevant stats that will help you to determine if your fleet is performing at par. Sensel Telematics is one of the leading telematics device manufacturers in India that will not only deliver a superior quality vehicle tracking system but also provide the data you need to measure its performance. How does it work? Here’s how – Telematics includes a vehicle tracking device that is installed in a vehicle that allows it to send, receive and store telemetry data. It is connected through a wireless network that is set up in the vehicle. We have a host of features that come with our products; 90 days history, engine on/off, over-speed alert, daily distance report, driver behaviour report, etc. You name it we go it. What’s more, our products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities. Our R&D team is made of geniuses driven by the love of technology and taking up new challenges day after day. Be it the hardware design, software development, and production of the device, our R&D team is at the heart of it all.

Yes, we sound like we are disproportionately involved in developing our technology. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To support our technical staff in their craft, we have a sales and management team who spread the word of our R&D team’s genius and work closely with clients (old & new) to understand their needs and deliver them on time every time. Of course, there’s also the after-sales service that they take care of to keep the business operational and sustainable for many years to come. Teamwork is the name of the game! Still planning to look for other telematics device manufacturers?

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Simple and easy tracking with Sensel’s telematics devices

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A telematics system consists of a vehicle tracking device installed in a vehicle that permits telemetry data to be sent, received, and stored. This small device captures data about your vehicle driving patterns, such as how fast you drive, how suddenly you brake, how far you go, how much time your vehicle is idle, how much fuel your vehicle consumes, vehicular faults, and where you go to. Telematics systems collect vehicle position and activity data and transform it into business intelligence for a variety of purposes. In basic terms, the gadget captures vehicle position data using a GPS-enabled gadget mounted in the car. For the safety and security of your goods, installing a telematics device in your car, bike, or huge trucks that transport physical assets is essential.

Sensel Telematics Pvt Ltd is the leading Telematics device manufacturer in India. We work with all types of logistical operations in a variety of sectors. Our hardware is produced in ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities. We have risen to the top of the list of the Telematics device manufacturers in the country due to our on-time delivery, excellent quality, and reliability of our goods.

Tracking is now accurate with Sensel’s smart tracking devices

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Sensel Telematics Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Smart tracking device manufacturers in India. Across many industrial verticals, we provide services to all types of logistical operations. Our hardware is designed and manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities. We have risen to the top of the list of the finest Smart Tracking Device Manufacturers in India due to our on-time delivery, superior quality, and product reliability.

Our smart tracking device allows you to keep a constant eye on your fleet. 

Our exceptionally sensitive GPS chip transmits the vehicle’s exact position to our cloud servers, as well as to yours. Our end-to-end Smart tracking devices are specifically designed for fleet owners and managers with a personalized digital dashboard with live tracking, fuel sensors, and alert features. Our smartphone app allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s current position and driving history for the whole day. Our smart tracking device also has anti-tamper and anti-theft functionality, so you’ll be notified if there’s been a theft via an alert notice.  Pick up the phone and call us right now to get one of our high-quality, low-cost tracking devices.

Choose AIS 140 GPS devices if safety and security of your fleet is your first priority

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Using a GPS tracker to keep track of your fleet is essential these . Installing a GPS tracker will provide you with the real-time position of your fleet, allowing you to keep track of where your vehicle  is at all times. The AIS 140 Gps Tracker is an ARAI (Automobile Research Association of India) standard that specifies information regarding GPS devices. The AIS 140 GPS tracker outperforms standard trackers. 

A typical GPS device can only broadcast the location of a tracked vehicle to one server, however, an AIS 140 GPS device can broadcast the live location to three servers at the same time. Sensel Telematics is one of the leading AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers in India. The  FLEET-SMART GPS tracker is a small and simple to use AIS 140 approved GPS tracker. This technology tracks any vehicle that is fitted with this device with high precision. We are the country’s leading manufacturer of flawless and high-quality GPS trackers. You may find a wide assortment of GPS devices at Sensel Telematics that are ideal for a variety of businesses and individual use. To avail premium quality GPS trackers from the top AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers in India, contact us today.

Premium GPS devices for complete safety of your goods and asset tracking

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Sensel telematics is one of the top GPS tracker manufacturers in India. Sensel has been at the top of the game for years, providing innovative GPS solutions to customers in a variety of industrial sectors.

The GPS trackers from Sensel are a much-anticipated asset tracking solution that comes in a rugged, convenient, and water-resistant enclosures. Even when paired with various mounting options, our GPS devices are relatively simple to install. Our GPS devices, which are built on a low-power GPS, GSM/GPRSS and Bluetooth chipset with long battery life, are sure to make tracking easier and avoid recharge on daily basis. Wire reels, tools, construction equipment, elevators, containers, and a wide range of other non-powered assets can easily be tracked with our devices. Typically, our electronics communicate with a GPS device by delivering light-speed signals to several satellites in different places. Following the signal’s return, our system determines the time it takes each signal to travel to and from the device. After calculating the time, the system uses triangulation to locate the device’s location on the Earth’s surface. Enhanced tamper detection, accelerometer wake up, GPS and LBS, indoor tracking, Bluetooth sensor support, recovery mode record transmission by schedule, auto, and manual Geo-fence are some of the primary characteristics of our gadgets. To obtain premium-quality and efficient GPS devices from the top GPS tracker manufacturers in India, contact us today.

Track your assets round the clock with Sensel’s Asset Smart solutions

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Sensel Telematics are the leading manufacturers of premium quality Asset tracking systems in India. It is imperative to protect your valuable assets at any given time for smooth business operations and prevent theft. Installing an asset tracker will allow you to keep track of your asset at all times.

The method of monitoring physical assets, whether stationary or in motion, is known as asset tracking. The assets are monitored either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by tags that broadcast the assets’ location via GPS, BLE, or RFID. ASSET-SMART is a wire-free, intelligent asset management system from Sensel Telematics. ASSET-SMART can record both stationary and moving objects with ease. Every minute, the system detects and records equipment use as well as other sensor data. Local storage is also included with the product. This would be useful in the event of a network failure. Tamper is also available on the device. All these features make our devices the best Asset tracking system in Bangalore. Being the recipient of Frost & Sullivan – all India Best Practices Award leadership, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products in a timely manner.

Track Your vehicles expeditiously with Sensel’s vehicle tracking devices

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Sensel Telematics is one of the prime Vehicle tracking device manufacturers in India. We manufacture a wide range of devices with a lot more features than other vehicle tracking devices in the market. Our devices are noted for their quality, efficiency, and performance.
With Sensel’s vehicle tracking devices, you can track your vehicle no matter where you are in the world. Knowing the location of your vehicle will be just a click away with our highly efficient GPS tracker. With a simple DIY two-wire installation, our devices are easy to install. Our vehicle tracking devices are a lot more than a conventional GPS Tracker.
Our devices are a perfect solution for both personal and business fleet. You can easily know your vehicle location in real-time, see the accurate driving path and current speed, review all past trip details, know exactly how your vehicle is performing, track fuel mileage for each trip and get insights to save fuel. The fleet can be managed on any web browser with your login credentials, or on mobile app on both android and IOS. To avail premium quality vehicle tracking devices from one of the top Vehicle tracking device manufacturers in India, contact us today.