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Gone are the days when school children would walk to their school just because it was close by and perfectly safe to do so. Whether we like it or not, the safety of school-going children is paramount for every parent for several reasons; increase in population, urbanisation, increased traffic, and even criminal elements are the leading reasons why it has become imperative for both the parents and the school authority to monitor the movements of their ward from their homes to the school day after day. To find a solution to this challenge, schools across the country employ the used bus tracking solutions which allow its users to keep a track of their wards at all times while travelling between their homes to school and vice versa. A bus tracking system is essentially a GPS-enabled tracking device that can provide a real-time location of the bus. It comes with an array of features that makes it handy and gives parents much-needed relief while their children are navigating their way to school and back. With the ever-increasing demand for reliable bus tracking solutions in India, companies engaged in the production and distribution of GPS-enabled tracking systems are working tirelessly to meet these demands year after year. Following are the advantages of using this tech:

  • Ease in keeping track of bus schedule and route: Any changes in timing and route will be notified immediately through a text or email.
  • Monitoring the route of the bus in real-time: You can check the movement of the bus between the school and home second by second. 
  • Keep track of the bus drivers’ driving patterns: The device can monitor various driving patterns such as over speeding, idle time, route deviation, etc. 
  • Instant update to parents when student boards or leaves the bus: Parents are informed automatically when students board or alight the bus.
  • Emergency notification to parents and school in case of an accident: In case of any unforeseen incident such as a vehicle breakdown or accident, parents and school authorities are informed immediately.

While many well-established companies have made a name for themselves in the market, few come close to the calibre of Sensel Telematics. Founded in 2007, we are driven by a shared vision to provide an easy-to-use GPS-enabled tracking system that’s reliable, accurate, and can stand the rigours of the work day after day. Our products undergo many levels of checks to ensure we offer only the best to our clients. We are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified and also recognised by international regulatory bodies across the globe such as ARAI, ICAT, and 3UL. Our hardware’s also IP66, SAE J 1455, MIL 202, and ARA certified. These accreditations are more than enough to attest to our quality, commitment and insight into the business. Here at Sensel Telematics, our craft is not merely a business to us but a means to assure all our stakeholders so they can fulfil their commitments and contribute to nation-building. 

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The biggest challenge of owning a vehicle is to protect it from theft or robbery. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a company, the safety of your vehicle is paramount. After all, it involves considerable investment and also provides several conveniences and utilities. While vehicle owners and manufacturers have come up with ingenious means to protect their vehicles from theft, many of them are rudimentary and ineffective in the long run. After a series of research and development initiatives over the years, an anti-theft GPS tracking system was developed which is an amalgamation of multiple technologies fitted into a single compact unit.

This device is compact, sturdy, and can be attached to any vehicle discreetly. It employs mainly two technologies; GPS and Telematics. The first technology helps one in locating the position of the vehicle remotely with the use of satellites from any part of the globe in real-time while the second technology can transmit information to a connected computer system and control the vehicle remotely which is crucial in maintaining the performance of the vehicle while also preventing theft or robbery. The use of this technology has seen mercurial growth in recent years given the growing dependency on vehicles to perform various tasks. Here are the following benefits of using an anti-theft GPS tracking system:

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles: It doesn’t matter where you are or where your vehicle is. It can be tracked easily on any given day.
  • Instant alerts for any change in the status of the vehicle: Owners can be notified when the vehicle is on the move or idle. It can also notify users in case any unusual pattern is detected while using the vehicle.
  • Video and audio connectivity to connect with the crew: You can speak and see the crew at all times.
  • Immobiliser and alarm fitted in the vehicle: The vehicle can go on a lockdown which will make it immobile at a moment’s notice in case of any emergency or suspicious activity.
  • Ability to send out SOS to police and owner in case of emergency: Most vehicles are fitted with a telecommunication device that contacts emergency services like the police or fire department in case of theft or fire.
  • Multiple levels of security just to access the controls of the vehicle: Merely having the key to the vehicle isn’t enough to get control. It will require multiple codes to access the system.

With Sensel Telematics at the helm of things, you are assured of years of our expertise, insight and commitment to the trade. Founded in 2007 by a team of visionaries whose goal is to revolutionise the industry of logistics and vehicle protection systems, we have made a mark for ourselves in the business through hard work, persistence, and innovation. Quality and consistency are our main focus; our actions are determined by this goal. We are an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company which is a globally recognised benchmark for outstanding quality and robust systems. Our devices are also recognised by multiple regulatory bodies across the globe such as ARAI, ICAT, and 3UL among others. That’s not all; the hardware is also IP66, SAE J 1455, MIL 202, and ARA certified. Here at Sensel Telematics, we are driven by our passion and our shared vision to be a brand name that prioritises quality, performance, and innovation above all.

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Asset Tracking Systems Solutions Providers in Bangalore

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An asset tracking system is a must if your business’s revenue generation is largely dependent on logistics. This technology is relatively new in India and has a lot of ground to cover before it becomes truly relevant. A decade or two back, logistics essentially meant having your asset move from point A to point B. However, with modernization, stiff competition, and higher business standards, logistics has become a separate vertical of business operations. Yes, we still deliver goods from one point to another; however, it involves many more operational aspects of the business to improve performance and revenue over time.

The main use of having an asset tracking system is locating your asset’s current position from any part of the globe. The GPS device embedded in the tracking system emits a radio signal to the satellites which are sent back to the device once it is received. To get your location, the device will determine its exact position from four satellites which will send the signal back to the device. It also uses a technology called telemetry which can collect relevant information about the asset during operation. This information is gathered by the device and sent to the user who is located remotely. It can record data such as driving behaviour, speed limit, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and idle time. etc. The combination of these two features allows the user to monitor the performance of the crew and the vehicle and suggest means to improve it if required. With increased competition and high regulatory requirements, it is imperative to improve the performance of the crew and the asset to ensure they deliver top results with minimal wastage. At Sensel Telematics, our years of deep understanding of the business and its challenges put us in a strong position to provide our clients with asset tracking solutions that will provide benefits for many years to come.

The Best Gps Fleet Tracking Software AND Systems 2022

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If your business involves a whole fleet of vehicles moving across the length and breadth of the country, you will need robust, comprehensive, and easy-to-use fleet tracking software to help you stay on top of things.  The main purpose of having a GPS-enabled device in a vehicle is to keep a track of its location throughout the day. Additionally, you can monitor the vehicle’s performance and its condition to ensure it is in proper working condition. So, you don’t only keep a check on your crew and the vehicle for their safety but also ensure it’s performing optimally with minimal wastage. The information transmitted by these devices can be accessed on a mobile phone or a laptop without any hassle. All you will need to do is install the compatible application on your device and get the right credentials to sign in. Such tracking software is made to provide the user with a simple, crisp, and accurate reading of their fleet. You can also use this information to create a chart for specific timelines so you can review its performance over time

Sensel telematics is one of the leading manufacturers of GPS fleet tracking devices and software for clients who come from various industries. Our products undergo rigorous checks before it is rolled out of the manufacturing plant. Our facility is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified which means our products are not only feature-rich but also solid and reliable. The secret behind our product’s top-of-the-line technology is our R&D which is responsible for the entire work end-to-end. At Sensel Telematics, we try to make our client’s life simpler by developing technologies that work for them.

Gps Tracking For Company Vehicles

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If you are in the business of logistics, chances are you spend a good chunk of your time trying to monitor your vehicles and keep a track of their location at any given time of the day. With the modernisation and influx of several business entities in the country, the demand for transport vehicles has been on a constant rise even with the pandemic taking siege of the globe. Some are used for transporting heavy goods, while some are used for carrying people and small goods within city limits and so forth. One major challenge that comes up with this development is to find a reliable means to keep a track of your vehicles throughout the day from any part of the globe. The main purpose of doing this is to ensure the crew and the vehicle are safe and on schedule.

Sensel Telematics is a market leader in telematics providing a wide range of services in addition to tracking assets from any part of the globe. This allows users to ensure their assets are traceable, safe, and in working condition. We are also an ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company. Our devices are also recognised by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, and UL among others. This device can be easily installed in any vehicle discreetly and can endure the harshest conditions you can throw at it and it will still give its users a correct and real-time update at all times. The next time you need a GPS tracking device for your company vehicles, you know where to head first.

Control & Track For Ready Mix Concrete Using Fleet Tracking

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The real-estate business has been on a steady rise over the recent years owing to the opening up of the economy and more investments coming in from foreign businesses from all fields. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the development of real estate for a variety of requirements. Whether it is a residential complex, IT Park, manufacturing plant, or commercial building, there is a surplus of investment given the opportunity investors see in India.

Building structures and developing infrastructures require several tools and equipment which are moved from one project to another upon completion. A concrete mixer is one of the most important and commonly used while making any structure. The real estate developers move this device from one site to another depending on the projects they undertake. With the increased movement of assets constantly across locations, keeping a track of their whereabouts can become a challenge. A fleet tracking device can be discreetly attached to the concrete mixer which will allow its user to track its position at any time of the day. It uses a GPS- enabled tracker that allows you to monitor your asset remotely through a mobile phone or a desktop computer. The fundamental principle behind how it operates is as follows; your GPS device will emit a radio signal to the satellites which are sent back to the device once it is received. To get your location, the device will determine its exact position from four satellites which will send the signal back to the device. This allows its users to monitor their assets on the site while ensuring all projects are running as per schedule.

Asset Tracking Systems

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If your business involves transportation and logistics, having a robust asset tracking system is a must. Here’s why – you can keep a track of your fleet’s movement, keep in constant touch with your crew, assist the crew in case of emergencies, monitor the vehicle’s behavior and driving pattern to improve productivity over time, etc. Increased operations, tight schedules, and strict business guidelines have made it imperative for business owners to monitor their fleet’s movement to increase their performance by minimizing delays and downtime. Merely transporting goods from point A to point B won’t cut it anymore.

At Sensel Telematics, we strive to provide our customers with solid asset tracking systems that can endure extreme conditions and yet deliver accurate information to the users at all times. This device can be easily installed in any vehicle. Once it is set up, it will send, receive and store data that can be accessed by the user through their phone or a desktop. It is connected through a wireless network that is set up in the vehicle. Our products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS16949:2009 certified facilities and also recognized by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, and UL among others. Our R&D is solely responsible for our ground-breaking technology which is made right from the scratch in our test labs. Be it the hardware design, software development, and production of the device, our R&D team is at the heart of it all. As a leading maker of asset tracking systems in India, our goal is to raise the business standards that will allow us to become a major global player. To know more visit our website today!

Real-time Vehicle Tracking System

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Vehicle anti-theft GPS tracking devices

Having a robust real-time vehicle tracking system is a must if you have a fleet that covers long distances across the length and breadth of a specific region. The main purpose of having this system is to ensure your vehicle and crew can are safe and ensure they will reach their destinations as per schedule. A real-time vehicle tracking system also allows you to understand the route better along with any contingencies that may arise during the trip. This helps the team to optimize their workflow and maintain tight schedules. The demand for this device has been on the rise among individual users over recent years, however, its true purpose lies in a number of industrial applications among all major business entities across the globe. A growing number of Indian companies have also started using this device for their fleet to increase productivity and deliver world-class services.

Sensel Telematics is a leading manufacturer of real-time vehicle tracking systems that provides reliable, sturdy, and feature-rich products clients can choose from based on their needs. We are also one of the few companies which have end-2-end competencies in this domain. Our R&D team is responsible for the production of these devices end-to-end; whether it’s the design, software development, or the production of the device. We are also an ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS16949:2009 certified company and our devices are also recognized by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, and UL among others. At Sensel Telematics, we strive to deliver simple, reliable and effective solutions to meet an ever-increasingly complex world of business operations.

Vehicle Tracking System

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The main purpose of a vehicle tracking system is quite self-explanatory. It is to “track” your vehicle wherever it is located at any time of the day and night. In addition to that, these devices also host an array of features that allows you to check the condition of the vehicle for maintenance purposes. While the purpose this device serves is quite simple, it remains a crucial part of any business operation particularly involving vehicles that covers long distances. It is also important for individuals who want to ensure their vehicles are not driven by their teenage kids without prior permission and also ensure they can be tracked if stolen or robbed. This device mainly works through GPS satellite navigation where the vehicle transmits a signal to the orbiting satellite to send this information back to the user’s computer or access point. This enables users to keep a track of their vehicle anywhere across the globe with ease.

Sensel Telematics is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle tracking systems in India that’s easy to use and can be used on any vehicle. Our product has a wide range of applications and can be used in any vehicle starting from cars, vans, buses, pick-up trucks, 40-ton dump trucks, etc. We are also an ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS16949:2009 certified company. Our devices are also recognized by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, and UL among others. What truly separates us from others is our commitment to understanding our customers’ requirements without any assumptions while delivering solutions that will last for years to come.

Machine and Equipment Tracking in India

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Industrialization and modernization have led to increased movement of goods, services, machinery, and equipment to fulfill a wide range of business commitments. While the goods and services are finite and perishable by the nature of the business conducted, the same principle does not apply to machinery and equipment. For example, vehicles and other heavy machinery can be used for a number of tasks depending on the client and the industry they are involved in; Real estate, steel, automotive, and mining industries use a number of heavy machinery and equipment to perform tasks for a defined period after which they are assigned to some other client or requirement. Business entities providing such services need to keep close track of their machines and equipment through telematics devices; a telematics device is mainly used to locate the position of the asset from any part of the globe. Additionally, it can also monitor the usage and status of your assets remotely, particularly vehicles if needed.

Sensel Telematics is a market leader in telematics providing a wide range of services in addition to tracking assets from any part of the globe. This allows users to ensure their assets are traceable, safe and in working condition.  Our deep understanding of the business and our customers’ needs allows us to combine excellence and experience to provide high ROI for our customers every time.