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What is ASSET- SMART ?

ASSET-SMART is a compact, wire-free, intelligent asset monitoring solution.

Compact. No Wire. No External Power.

  • Sense and record equipment utilization minute by minute along with other sensor data
  • Intelligent configurable update rates and alerts
  • ANTI-THEFT mode to generate theft alerts on motion.
  • Web and Mobile Apps to track from anywhere in the world
  • Local storage in case of temporary network outages
  • Tamper detection
  • Multiple power options : 5 yr Primary cell, Re-chargeable, Solar powered


Concealed installation possible.
Advance power management.
Water Resistant IP67/water proof
No Network backup data storage
150 gm
83x58x35 mm
Single / Dual server capability.
Programmable update rate
Completely wireless device configuration in two modes (SMS and TCP/IP).
Single server and Dual Server update modes available.
Remote configuration via SMS and GPRS
OTA : over the air firmware upgrade supported
Tilt sensing
3 – axis accelerometer with multiple levels of thresholds for harsh breaking and acceleration
Support data storage for Second by second accident analytics
Protocal support
Crash detection
Towing Detection
Software development KIT
Milege DATA
Trip history
Web App and Mobile App
Tamper detection
TCP and HTTP support
Vibration detection-Theft/movement/machine start
Work hours monitioring
Auto switching to fast mode on movement
External Data input
Smart power management with ultra low power mode
GSM fallback on GPS lock fail
Biometric reader / RFID interface
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Multiple Models For the Diverse Use Cases

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Diverse Use Cases

Multiple Models For the Diverse Use Cases

Asset Smart
Asset Smart
Asset Smart
Asset Smart

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