Automatic asset tracking using RFID based management systems – economical and time-saving.

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Manual tracking of assets is an expensive, complex, and time consuming task that is totally
avoidable with a simple yet efficient RFID based Asset tracking systems. This allows the
company to keep track and manage assets while paving the way for complete automation of
processes and reduction in costs. RFID based asset tracker will automatically locate the asset
and store the data for the company or the customer to view and access later for inspection,
maintenance and audits.

We, Sensel Telematics, are the leading manufacturers of RFID based asset tracking management systems. This RFID asset tracker is one of the quickest ways to improve asset
management. Installing an RFID asset tracker has a major benefit. It works by utilizing radio
frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically locate and track assets. An RFID
asset tracking management system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data. The data is
transmitted from an RFID tag to a reader. The radio frequency identified asset tracking systems
are hack-proof. The location of the asset stays secure at all times. The devices are
manufactured under stringent quality control measures ensuring the production of high quality and flawless devices. Our timely delivery, high quality and reliability of the products have
proven us to be the leading manufacturers in the country.

Always install ICAT certified AIS 140 Gps Trackers

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Monitoring your physical assets using a GPS tracker is very important these days. Installing a
GPS tracker will give you the real time location of your assets so that you, at all times, can keep
track of the current location of your stock. When installing a GPS, always choose GPS devices
that are AIS 140 certified.

The AIS 140 Gps Tracker is a standard created by ARAI (Automobile Research Association of
India) which specifies details about the GPS device. The AIS 140 GPS tracker is far better than a
normal tracker. A normal standard GPS device can send the location of the vehicle being
tracked to only one server whereas an AIS 140 GPS device sends the live location to three
servers simultaneously. We, Sensel telematics are the leading manufacturers of ICAT certified
AIS 140 devices in India. ASSET-SMART is a very compact and easy to install AIS 140 certified
GPS tracker. This device accurately tracks stationary and moving objects. We manufacture
faultless and superior quality GPS trackers in the country. At Sensel telematics, you can get a
comprehensive range of GPS devices that are suitable for different businesses and individuals.
Being the recipient of Frost & Sullivan – all India Best Practices Award, we are committed to
providing superior quality and on-time delivery of products all over the country.

GPS Devices- Integrate technology into everyday lives!

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We are living in the 21st century. This is the era where technology plays a major role in all aspects of modern lives. Every new update in technology is bringing us a lot of comfort and ease in performing our daily chores. When advanced technology is integrated with business operations, the results can be efficient and cost effective. This is what Sensel Telematics has to offer with our state of the art AIS 140 approved GPS Devices!

As an example, let us consider the logistics involved in fleet management. It is without doubt a hectic, time consuming task which requires round the clock supervision. What happens when you don’t equip your fleet with a GPS tracker? You may encounter difficulty in tracking the real-time location of your vehicles and face other issues like vehicle breakdown, maximized fuel costs, accidents, theft and effective route planning which could result in high operational costs and decreased productivity. Thus, keeping track of the entire fleet without a GPS device is a daunting task. We, at Sensel Telematics bring you the solution, AIS 140 certified GPS tracker.

What is an AIS 140 approved GPS device and how does it work?

The Automotive Industry Standard no. 140 (AIS 140) is a standard created by the Automobile Research Association of India which specifies details about the GPS device and panic button that needs to be used in vehicle tracking systems. A normal standard GPS device can only send the location of the vehicle to one server. But an AIS 140 GPS device sends the location to three servers simultaneously. (Company’s server, SOS server used by the police and the Government’s Command and Control centre)


  • Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Mobile station class B supporting GPRS Class 10, coding schemes 1 to 4 and PBCCH
  • Module approvals: fully type approved conforming R&TTE directive, CE, GCF
  • SMS (text/data)
  • 3 GPP Release 4
  • TCP/IP

GPS tracking solutions should be the first thing that you must have in your to-do list of security measures. Sensel telematics is one of the few companies that specialize in providing custom-designed AIS 140 GPS trackers at a very competitive price. For more info regarding the product, log on to

The next step in safeguarding school buses – School bus tracking solutions

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While utmost safety and security is maintained in schools today, it is important to extend the same safety when the children are en route to and from school. The simplest solution is to track the real time location of the bus during the active trips. This can be done with a state-of-the-art GPS device from Sensel Telematics, the forerunners in providing effective School bus tracking solutions in India.

The GPS tracking device for school buses relays data via an IOS and Android mobile application for school management and parents. This data includes the scheduled stops and the route taken. Any delay or deviation in the route can be addressed at once as the data is available in real time. There is an option to have an RFID reader interface integrated with the device which records the attendance of the students as they enter and exit the bus. The device has built in tools to ensure smooth and timely transportation.

Encountering traffic in cities is inevitable. With this device, parents and school management can be updated upon the location of the school bus at all times. The device also comes with additional features such as

  • Optimizing transport operations
  • Safety analytics
  • Automatic Emailing of Reports as per schedule
  • Route replay with multiple speeds and time indicator

Fleet Management troubling you? We have the solution for you!

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Picture this scenario – While operating an extensive fleet of transportation vehicles, received a report of an accident from one vehicle, breakdown call from another vehicle and so on! What do you do? How would you manage and deliver the assets in a timely manner? Well, worry not, we’ve got you covered with a state-of-the-art Fleet management vehicle tracking system!

Fleet Smart is a comprehensive, configurable and customizable platform that offers complete Fleet management solutions in India. With this device, you will be able to track and trace your fleet in real time. Analytics and reports will help greatly in keeping track of vehicular health and maintenance, planning routes, and assessing journey risk management. The sensors and actuators in the GPS device detect motion and tilt, while the 3-axis accelerometer monitors harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. The compact nature of this device and wireless connectivity ensures it can be easily installed in the fleet vehicles.

The top features of this device include

  • Panic Button
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Fuel sensor
  • Waterproof
  • On-demand location using geofencing
  • Distance reports
  • Driver behavior report
  • Device disconnect alert

Wouldn’t it be conducive to smoother operations of your fleet with the sophisticated GPS device from the house of Sensel Telematics? We provide industry specific solutions after a thorough assessment of your requirements. Come, gear up for an effortless fleet management with Sensel Telematics.

One Stop Solution to track your assets in real time

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Information today is tangible! Information and data are sent and received at lightning speed. Battery-powered GPS asset tracker from Sensel Telematics, offers you real time information pertaining to the location and safety of your assets. With such advanced resources at your fingertips, it makes sense to digitize operations for increased productivity and smoother operations. With Sensel Telematics, tracking assets has never been so easy!

The Asset tracking systems in Bangalore are compatible with various types of assets which include high value assets, trucks, JCBs, freight containers and stationary equipment also. The device is easy to use and install, consume very less power.

Track, locate and manage assets

  • Track and Locate and assets in real time – anytime, anywhere!
  • Monitor the vehicular condition through an interactive dashboard – distance report, halt report, overspeed report, acceleration and harsh braking report, detailed route report and many more
  • Usage, work hour reports
  • Theft alerts
  • Interface it with temperature as required
  • Interface it with biometrics
  • Track missing assets with last known real time location.

Monitor assets performance

  • For fleets, interactive dashboard delivers insightful information about machine health and availability
  • Receive alerts and notifications in real time regarding vehicular breakdown/accident to provide immediate assistance.
  • Monitor vehicular health to prevent sudden breakdowns and production loss
  • Receive push notifications and email alerts on mobile devices regarding theft/tampering
  • Receive regular alerts across multiple devices including laptop, desktop, mobile and tablets.

At Sensel Telematics, we also provide industry specific solutions, which as you know is a prerequisite for asset-intensive industries such as transportation, manufacturing, heavy machinery, oil and gas etc. who invest billions of dollars in their assets. Regular tracking and monitoring of vehicular analytics is a daunting endeavor. We help you overcome these challenges with customized industry specific solutions.

Choosing the right school bus tracking solution

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School bus tracking today is often a mandatory requirement in many parts of India and the rest of the world. Many schools have already deployed such systems.

But often with limited success. In this blog, I have tried to summarize the essential requirements of a good school bus tracking solution both from a parent’s and the school’s perspective.

Essential requirements in a school bus tracking solution:

  • Does the solution help the parents feel comfortable and secure? Parent’s ability to track their child’s bus with ease gives them a tremendous sense of security. It is also a very helpful tool while dropping and picking the child from the bus. It is even more important on days when there are unplanned delays due to traffic, the vehicle breaks down or other reasons. The right solution helps reduce the parent’s anxiety and reduces unnecessary calls to the school admin.
  • The school management must be able to leverage the system in using the fleet more efficiently.
    • Are the routes optimally planned?
    • Are the schedules being maintained?
    • Are the drivers driving safely?
    • Is there any misuse of vehicles?
    • In case there is a vehicle change or some support issue will the vendor provide me quick support?
    • Is the solution compatible with the existing school ERP system?
  • A continuous inward-facing camera with a full view is a very critical deterrent in preventing unwanted activities. Given the current state of network infrastructure in India in general, real-time live video is a little impractical. So at least a continuously recording infrastructure is a good tool as a deterrent as well as for analysis when needed.

Drilling down to more hardware, software and other offering feature sets, here below is a more detailed checklist one can use to help decide the right school bus tracking solution and the right vendor.

Vehicle Tracking Hardware:

  • Is GPS accuracy good? Look for CEP 95 error less than 3 meters
  • Is the update rate at least 20 seconds or less? Meaning one location packet uploaded every 20 seconds.
  • Is it capable of Over speed detection?
  • Is it capable of Harsh breaking detection?
  • Is it capable of Harsh acceleration detection?
  • Is it capable of Harsh cornering detection?
  • Is it capable of interfacing with an external Buzzer or speaker to alert the driver in real-time when he is over speeding or any other driving violations?

Software Application Suite:

  • Is the user interface friendly and intuitive?
  • Insist on standard tracking features like live tracking and replay map views, history route view, textual location/trip data, distance reports, summary utilization reports
  • For school’s safety should be paramount and must insist on a good safety dashboard where the quality of driving can be quickly analyzed to take corrective actions.
  • Is the mobile app for parents simple to use? You do not want to make too many support calls.
  • Do they support both Android and iPhone?
  • Is there an easy way to map school route numbers to specific vehicles? This is key because sometimes a bus may be replaced and this whole backend operation must be transparent to the parent.

Camera subsystem:

  • Minimum 2 Megapixel
  • Wide-angle view
  • Must support night vision with infrared LED
  • WIFI download to school server when the bus comes to school premises
  • 4G connectivity is a nice to have.


  • Is the vendor reliable and trustworthy? Insist on a minimum 5-year history with a good customer record.
  • Do they have a good field and back end support team for prompt support if required?
  • Is it their own technology or are they merely trading? Are they willing to customize the software reports etc. for you if needed?

There are some other features like RFID that are often paired in with the school bus tracking solution but with limited results. Typically, they integrate an RFID reader in the bus which is usually also coupled to the on-board vehicle tracking system. Each child is given an RFID card and the child is expected to swipe on entry/exit from the bus. Such a solution is not very popular due to many reasons.

Firstly, ensuring the child swipes each time is not easy. Secondly swiping and corresponding alerts generated have limited benefits in providing a sense of security to the parent since often, the parent himself/herself is picking and dropping the child on the bus. Other times it is usually someone highly trusted by the parent.

While the technology is simple and not very expensive has seen limited success. Additional technology for tracking child attendance/location in school/etc. is a totally different matter and not necessarily to be coupled with the bus tracking solution.

I hope this post helps you wisely decide the right school bus tracking solution for your school.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking devices help the business productivity?

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Real Time vehicle tracking systems in Bangalore

As you know, efficient operations in any business brings better results. Prior understanding of the market and implementation of strategic steps are not good enough. One of the important parts of most businesses is logistics and transportation. Whether your business has a few trucks or a large size of the fleet, telematics plays an important role in optimizing your fleet, as it produces real-time data to give you insight to it. With the advent of latest technology, GPS came into existence which can be accessed right from your smartphone or few location tracking devices. GPS stands for Global Positioning System where it uses Global Navigation Satellite System network – also called as GNSS. Microwave signals are transmitted to GPS device which gives the information about location and direction also. Long fleet drivers have been using these tech-based GPS as a location tracking device in real time and as well as generate a report to make sense of the fleet efficiency, so that necessary changes can be made to make the fleet, safe, fast and optimal for the business.

Have you ever worried about moving your assets such long fleet? Smart devices such as vehicle tracking devices can track the location and speed with increased performance. To maintain sustainable growth in the business, one has to maintain smart devices for precise data. By integrating this device to your asset, the device can provide you the fuel level information also. These are temperature resistant and waterproof devices.

With all the gathered information using GPS vehicle tracking device, you can analyze the data and take all the necessary steps to improve the business profit. It can create agile and scalable reports. Later with data analysis, take the required actions for your fleet like fuel management, route optimization, improving driving behavior hence increasing the safety of the fleet and more.

Boost Efficiency:
All organizations strive to improve their efficiency. Fleet Telematics gives you exactly what you want right from the driver logging process to invoicing, route map, fuel monitoring, sending the alerts to your mobile including location. So, each and every numerical data can be captured very easily.

Stay connected all the time:
Vehicle safety is an important factor for the owners. With the GPS vehicle tracking device, your long fleet can give you all the information all the time. Notifications will be sent to your smartphone too. You can monitor the distance traveled by truck and proximity to the destination. Simple and easy to install and highly efficient too. Stay in touch with your vehicle all the time for better security.

Remote Monitoring of Infrastructure Equipment

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Machine and Equipment Tracking in India

Today, we see deployment of vehicle telematics penetrating deeper into various segments like trucking, taxis, tankers, buses, RMC equipment etc. As products mature with more and more features getting added both from hardware and software side; we also unearth unique segment specific challenges.


One such segment is the heavy machinery and infrastructure equipment monitoring segment.
Some of the unique challenges here are:

  • Often the machines are very expensive and consequently machine downtime comes with a heavy price tag. So powering an external telematics box device with wires to dashboard power is deemed risky by owners.
  • Very often machines are deployed in remote locations where GSM coverage is of a very poor quality with frequent outages and low signal strength.
  • Beside location what is very important for the operator is to know machine run time – Number of hours of operation of the machine, with exact start and stop log.

Sensel Telematics has just launched a product addressing all these points: ReM-SMART

It is a completely water proof (IP67), weather proof device that can be simply stuck to or bolted to the body of the equipment to be monitored. It has a built in sensor to detect engine vibrations in the machine/vehicle body to record engine ON and engine OFF times. This data is then updated periodically to the Sensel telematics servers that enable mobile/web app user monitoring. The device also captures location and transmits it to the telematics servers.The device comes with a long life internal battery with a life of up to 5 years. The actual update rate and GSM signal conditions in the field will decide the real observed battery life. Assuming the device updates data to the server once every two hours and average signal conditions, one can expect the battery pack to last for about 3 years before battery replacement. On each update the device also update the battery status. The device uses a combination of GSM data and control channel communication to optimize performance and power utilization.

Sensel VTX9

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The basic variant of this device is approved/emplaned by C-DAC and KMVD for the state of Kerala.


  • All basic GPS tracking features and intelli-track support variable update rates.
  • Compact, high performance and reliable design.
  • Concealed installation possible.
  • Advance power management.
  • Hardware manufactured in world-class, ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS16949:2009 compliant facilities.
  • Fuel Monitoring.
  • Remote firmware update capability.
  • Unique Intelli-Sense road tracking to ensure high tracking accuracy around turns and shape bends in the road.
  • Detecton of rapid acceleration and braking using the 3-axis accelerometer
  • second by second log of preceeding 12 hours for accident analysis